Thursday, February 3, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 ALL-IN-ONE FOR Dummies

It's new and better than ever! Learn to use Visual Studio 2010 with this book

Developers, listen up! Visual Studio 2010 offers many interface changes and a dizzying array of editors, controls, designers, and other tools. Whether you're starting from scratch with Visual Studio or need to boost your knowledge of coding, building apps, or accessing data, you'll find what you need to be productive.

  • Get what you need — newbies can learn Visual Studio basics while more experienced developers can focus on what's new in the 2010 version

  • Code mode — create source code with the code editor, explore class anatomy in .NET, and debug, analyze, and test your code

  • Building blocks — explore types of applications you can build; learn to create C++, Windows, and Web applications; and deploy them on the cloud

  • Digging data — look at the new data access code-generation features in Visual Studio

  • Take control — manage the build process and apply source code control

Open the book and find:

  • The languages of .NET

  • Advice on installing Visual Studio

  • Basic info about object-oriented programming

  • Tips on handling exceptions and debugging

  • How to lay out a Web site

  • Why you need ADO.NET

  • How to build applications for Facebook

  • What the Visual Studio Team System offers

Visit the companion Web site at, where you'll find a section featuring source code, resource links, and sample applications for each minibook.

7 books in 1

  • Visual Studio 2010 Overview

  • Getting Started

  • Coding

  • Building Applications

  • Data Access

  • Going the Extra Mile

  • Extending the Family

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