Thursday, January 6, 2011

Learn Java In a Weekend

Even with no programming experience, you can master the basics of Java programming in just one weekend! On Friday evening, you'll begin with an introduction to Java as you install the SDK. Pick up the pace on Saturday as you learn the basics of Java by beginning a calculator application that you will build on throughout the book. Program your calculator's appearance as you conquer graphical user interfaces. On Sunday you'll begin incorporating interfaces, applets, and threads. Wrap things up with coverage of advanced Java programming and utilities. You'll Learn How To:

  • Use the abstract windowing toolkit to program GUIs;
  • Understand the basics of variables, arrays, and object-oriented programming;
  • Program graphics for a lightweight component as you build a calculator application;
  • Convert applications to Swing;
  • Use interfaces and event handling to develop an event model;
  • Add features to your applications that allow them to read and write files.

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